Micro Atlanta (At-lan-ta)

It has been a fierce competition BUT it isn’t over yet. The brave Arcadian (Ar-kay-dian) warrior, Atlanta (At-lan-ta), has one more arrow to shoot. Sweat drips down her forehead as she picks up her final arrow. The stadium shakes and trembles with the roaring and cheering of the crowd. Atlanta takes a breath to calm herself. She focuses her steely eyes as she takes one more breath and draws her arrow back. Silence fills the stadium. Atlanta breathes out and let’s go of her arrow. Time stands still as her arrow glides through the air. THUMP! The people of Arcadia (Ar-kay-dia) erupt into celebration. Atlanta has defeated Artemis (Ar-tem-is), the goddess of hunt. ATLANTA! ATLANTA! ATLANTA! The Arcadian people shout the name of their first champion, their first warrior, their first HERO!