Micro Ajax-Hector (A-jax)-(Hek-tor)

Flags drop, soldiers, both Greek and Trojan, roared in support for their champion. Horns bellow and echo throughout the land. It was time! Ajax (Ay-jax) the Great vs Hector (Hek-tor) Prince of Troy. Ajax was an extremely strong, tall, and fearless warrior but even for Ajax, fighting prince was a HUGE challenge for Hector was just as brave and strong. Who will be crowned the champion? The fight began with a huge THUD! BANG! Clashing shields and swords trying to gain an advantage but they were evenly matched. Minutes pass, hours pass. There was no definitive winner and both Ajax and Hector were still fighting hard even though they were exhausted. CCRRAAACCKKKK, BANG! Suddenly, the sky ripped open with thunder and lightning shooting out and striking the center of the stadium. Zeus (Zoos) had seen enough and declared it a draw and both champions. Respecting each other they exchanged gifts with a handshake. ‘Until next time Hector’ smiled Ajax as he walked back to camp.