Nemean Beast: PART1

Tracking a beast of this magnitude was no different to a hunter tracking its prey but was Herakles tracking it, or was it tracking him. He had to find it soon, light was fading and the Nemean Lion was infamous for becoming more sensitive to fading light, more ferocious as light faded and darkness fell upon the land. Herakles continued in the direction of its lair that the locals gave him. He had been tracking the beast for hours. How can such a massive and ferocious creature not leave prints in the dirt or any kind of track marks for that matter? Herakles started becoming more anxious as shadows formed and loomed over the forest.

Suddenly, he came across a mountain one that looked similar to another he passed. Thinking that he had gone around in circles, tricked by the locals anger and frustration filled Herakles as he yelled throwing his sword at the tree in front of the foot of the mountain. A thumping echo rung throughout the forest as the blade of the sword hit the tree. Something was making that echo. As Herakles walked forward to investigate, the edges of a cave started appearing but this was no ordinary cave, this must be the lair of the beast, the Nemean Lion. The entrance was overwhelmingly massive, it was almost as big as the moon. He stepped closer toward the cave. Silence. Just the sound of the wind whistling into the depths of the lair. Herakles stood at the entrance uncertain of what he should do next. He stared into the darkness and out of the darkness two yellow coloured eyes starred back. Suddenly, THUMP, THUMP, WHOOSH! The eyes zoomed past him like lightning knocking him down. As he turned to get up, a thunderous roar ripped throughout the forest as he crawled to his feet, he saw standing in front of him.