Micro Achilles (A-kee-lees)

Greatest of the Greats. Fearless and skillful of the most advanced level of combat both with weapons and without. So commanding is his presence that even the Gods dare not challenge him. He steps forward, placing his hand on his sword. Standing alone in front of a group of mercenaries, 50 in total. No doubt sent by the Gods to do what they're afraid to do, to fight and attempt to defeat the Great warrior of Greece, Achilles. But Achilles has a surprise for them because he has been tracking them and knew they were coming for him. Like a lion he waits, ready at any second to pounce. He didn't have to wait long. The mercenaries jumped forward and sprinted towards Achilles charging with their shields in numbers. They each attacked him with countless strikes. Achilles then drew his sword. 'My turn', said Achilles. WHOOSH, BANG, CLANG, THUD. Achilles looks up as the last of the mercenaries falls.