A Self-Published Titan

It’s been 2 years in the making. From concept to production, production to bookshelf, the journey has been one of creative joys and challenges. So, where did the idea of not only writing mythology for children but to also self-publish come from?

I came up with the idea of not only writing mythology for children but also the label, Kid Titan, out of both personal struggle and inspiration. I struggled with the idea that I was limited to what I could do with my university degree. This limitation was not my own but that of my teachers. Being slightly determined with a dash of stubbornness I went on the hunt for a better solution.

I wanted to do something that would introduce mythology to an audience and bring it to the forefront of storytelling. After all, mythology is the oldest form of storytelling and has been, even to this day, a teaching tool for humanity. There was no doubt in mind that writing mythology was the way to do this, to engage free minds of unbiased imagination and curiosity. As small of a struggle as it was, it was truly one of self-discovery.

The inspiration behind it, however, was drawn from a combination of my passion for storytelling and from my experience teaching children English in Spain. I wanted to go away from the commercialization of meaningless storytelling and to reach back to its roots so I started planning story ideas geared around mythology which is where, Theseus and the Minotaur, surfaced.

For me, the story of Theseus and the Minotaur was the obvious choice. It is a story that I treasured as a kid and I wanted to share by being the first of many under Kid Titan. It is also a story that is familiar yet unknown for most. It is a story, I feel, that captures the origin of heroes and their journey. After this, it was simply a matter of writing, editing, and delving into dialogue. And yes, all done with pen and paper, the traditional joy brutality of crossing lines and scrunching paper.

The manuscript took me 2 months to complete after throwing away the original manuscript. Once written, it was edited 11 times before being sent to the editors at the print house, In House Publishing, a locally and family run business who made the process of self-publishing that much easier. The manuscript was then sent to my illustrator, Anna Manolatos, who interpreted and developed the characters and scenes. I worked closely with her discussing the direction and layout of the book which took a year to complete. The writer-illustrator is one that should be taken seriously and respected as a crucial part of the process. Why? Because it expresses and conveys the story’s message and is what helps the interaction between language and the young readers. This, however, is only in regard to creating picture books.

In the middle of this, Kid Titan was born and it was born out of the self-motivation and belief in mythology to write more and unite these future books under one name making it easier and more accessible to kids. The name itself again touches on the origins of the Gods, the Titans, who preceded the Gods of Olympus. Kid Titan is a platform for all mythology and doesn’t favour one over the other. Greek, Norse, Egyptian mythology are all connected to our evolution of understanding of the world around us and should continue to teach the future generations.

Looking back on it now, it has been a truly fulfilling and surreal roller-coaster that I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to embark on. This is only the beginning. The future needs storytellers.


-Kid Titan