Micro Loki (Lo-kee)

‘For the last time, this is not funny ANYMORREE! LOKI, SHOW YOURSELF!’ shouted Loki’s father. His father, the Frost Giant Farbauti (Far-bow-ti), searched for him all around the mountains of the Jotunheim (Yo-tun-hime) but nothing. Suddenly, Loki appeared out of nowhere, thin air, but he wasn’t alone. He brought friends but no ordinary friends, they were copies of himself, reflected images. His father and his bodyguard of Frost Giants couldn’t tell which one was the real Loki. Another trick from the master of tricks. Just one of Loki’s many talents and gifts. Or is it the powers from his goddess mother, Laufey (Low-fee). The shape-shifting and tricking, changing into whatever he wants. ‘Loki, listen to ME! This isn’t like Aegir’s (Ay-geer) Hall explained his father. His father turned his hand into a lasso and spun around swinging it to catch Loki. Dust of ice filled the room. ‘Yes, it iiisss’ said Loki. Loki’s echo filled the room as the dust of ice clears. His father looks around him, alone, in an empty room.