Micro Odysseus (O-dis-see-es)

The time has come. Time has come to reclaim his kingdom, the kingdom of Ithaca (Ith-aka). After decades of adventure, war, monsters, and magic, Odysseus (O-dis-ee-es) had to do one thing and that was to string the king’s bow and shoot an arrow. The arrow must pass through 12 axe heads. The people of Ithaca are lost and don’t know what to do without a king. The royal council decided to set a contest to all the rich men of Ithaca. ‘All those who believe they can be king must first string the king’s bow’ announced the council. The moment of truth has come. Odysseus disguised and unrecognisable steps forward and picks up the bow. Everyone begins to laugh. ‘Do you think you have the strength to even lift the bow old man! I suggest you sit down before you hurt yourself’ laughs one of the rich men. But silence soon quickly fills the royal courtyard as the shocked group of rich men and royal council watch Odysseus strings his bow with ease. He lifts the bow, arms it within an arrow and shoots it through the axe heads with incredible accuracy. Odysseus, the true King of Ithaca has returned.