Micro Thor (Th-or)

WHACK! THUD! Thor is hit hard and thrown into an ice wall by the Frost Giants, the Jotnar (Yot-nar). He got too confident and was so arrogant that he forgot he is in the Jotunheim (Yo-tun-hime), the realm of the Jotnar, the Frost Giants. Knocked down but not defeated, Thor pulls himself out of the ice wall, dives and rolls out of the way of dozens of flying ice spears speeding towards him. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRAAACCCK! The Frost Giants sprinted towards him. Outnumbered, Thor gets frustrated and has had enough. He raises his hand towards the sky and calls his hammer. Lightning fills the sky and thunder cracks and shudders the Jotunheim. The sky darkens as Thor draws lightning from the heavens using Mjolnir (Mil-neer), his hammer. Suddenly, Thor slams Mjolnir to the ground, sending out an electrical shock wave. A cloud of icy smoke slowly clears and the tinkling of shattered ice falls to the to the ground. Thor stands and looks around the shattered ice for the Frost Giants but nothing can be seen.