Vision Of A Hero

Who is the ideal hero? What makes the ideal hero? These questions are often debated with a variety of arguments and results but who determines the definition, the ones being saved or those who create the heroes? Why can’t it be both! This allows storytelling itself to discuss such things as identity, values, and morals and analyse to better understand the origins and evolution of heroes and their future.

Heroes embody the qualities that we value and the person we aim to become. The ideal hero is one that is empathetic, selfless, humble, brave, courageous, a leader, conflicted and willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause and the greater good, whatever it takes, whatever it is or may be. The heart of a hero is strong and unflinching.  Their core is found deep inside, a part of their being, intertwined with their soul. They are not always conscious of it but the struggle to understand is there.

An example of a hero in modern mythology and storytelling, The Flash (aka Barry Allen), is arguably the ideal and pinnacle of heroes/superheroes. He embodies and encompasses every aspect of a hero. He is constantly tormented by his past, present, and future. Mistakes that he’s made, he always owned. Driven and motivated by doing good and doing more, always trying to find another way even in the midst of darkness when an easier option would be darkest and extreme option. Barry Allen is an all-round nice guy who battles with his own insecurities and who he really is. All the while doing good and what is necessary, ultimately sacrificing himself to save the world and the universe.

The heroes of old, the heroes of mythology did and were very much the same thing. It is where modern heroes derive from. Heroes such as Theseus, Herakles, and Orpheus who were tormented and conflicted, overcame difficult or impossible challenges. These stories, myths and heroes resonate throughout time, their strength and meaning, their ability to continue to teach and inspire us today. Modern society continue this tradition today.

Giving birth to heroes and their stories, connecting ourselves and our experiences with theirs, their difficulties and heartache that life throws at us, give way for the need of heroes. A hero is determined by their actions and not actions they are convinced of carrying or nor influenced to do. A hero isn’t perfect, a hero is what they’re needed to be.